My first paper co-authored with my PhD student. I feel so grown up.

Odoj and Balslev. 2013. Visual sensitivity shifts with perceived eye position. J Cogn Neurosci 25: 1180

We show that inhibitory rTMS over the somatosensory cortex in healthy humans changes the allocation of attention in the visual space. We found that a decrease of excitability of this brain region causes changes in visual sensitivity to favor stimuli that appear at locations nearer the subject’s
midline, regardless of their location in retinotopic coordinates. The
midline-to-periphery gradient in the body-centred space mirrors the organization
of the eye proprioceptive area, where neural firing increases with gaze
eccentricity for all gaze directions, and differs from the left-right gradient
in the eye-centred space that
characterizes the organization of the FEF and SC.